Tongue Tie & Frenectomy

Difficulties Breastfeeding?

Ankyloglossia Or Tongue-Tie Is A Developmental Anomaly Of The Tongue Characterized By A Short, Thick Lingual Frenum Resulting In Limitation Of Tongue Movement (Partial Ankyloglossia) Or By The Tongue Appearing To Be Fused To The Floor Of The Mouth (Total Ankyloglossia). While There Are Many Theories, The Exact Cause Of Ankyloglossia Remains Unknown. Ankyloglossia Has Been Associated With Problems With Breastfeeding Among Babies, Difficulties With Tongue Mobility And Speech, Malocclusion Or Crooked Teeth, And Even Gum Recession. During Breastfeeding, A Short Frenum Can Cause Issues With Latching On, Inadequate Milk Transfer And Intake, And Excruciating Nipple Pain, All Of Which Can Affect Feeding

Examining the baby for Tongue Tie

When Indicated, Various Methods To Release The Tongue Tie And Correct The Anatomic Situation May Be A Successful Approach To Facilitate Breastfeeding. Studies Have Shown A Difference In Treatment Recommendations Among Speech Pathologists, Pediatricians, Otolaryngologists, Lactation Specialists, Surgeons, And Dental Specialists. Most Professionals, However, Will Agree That There Are Certain Indications For Frenectomies And That If Evaluation Shows That Function May Be Improved By Surgery, Treatment Should Be Considered.

Surgical Options:

  • Snipping The Frenum (Sometimes Referred To As ‘Frenotomy’) Of Neonates.
  • Surgical Revision Of The Frenum (Sometimes Referred To As ‘Frenectomy’, ‘Frenulectomy’, Or ‘Frenuloplasty’) Under A General Anesthetic At Or After 6 Months Of Age
  • Revision Of The Frenum By Laser Without A General Anesthetic.
  • Revision By Electrocautery Using A Local Anaesthetic.

Renowned Tongue Tie Surgeon Dr. Kotlow Performing Laser Surgery on Infant

Per The American Academy Of Pediatric Dentistry Guidelines, The Use Of Laser Technology And Electrosurgery For Frenectomies Have Demonstrated A Shorter Operative Working Time, The Ability To Control Bleeding Quickly, Reduced Pain And Discomfort, Fewer Postoperative Complications (Eg, Pain, Swelling, Infection), And No Need For Suture Removal.

Post-Operative Exercises to Perform on Baby