Do YOU have Summer Teeth?

You know...summer teeth! Summer here, some are there. It's a terrible ancient tooth joke, but the pain of missing, stained, broken, and unattractive teeth is no laughing matter and very real and painful to millions of people.  It has been estimated that nearly 10% of Americans are afraid of the dentist! Chances are you or someone you know lives in mortal fear of the noises, the procedures, and the possibility of pain that accompanies a visit to the dentist and so you...just don't go. Over time small acts of neglect can add up to very big problems! As an oral surgeon, I am usually the specialist patients see when their teeth are beyond repair. I have seen patients as young as nineteen with a full mouth of teeth decayed beyond recognition that all need to be removed. In these cases I am both sad and glad. I am sad to see teeth being mistreated because I love teeth! But I am glad that the patients have come to me because I have the tools to improve their lives. In our office we are able to provide full sedation for most patients. Additionally, we can deliver dentures the same day the teeth are all pulled so that a patient comes in with a mouth full of bad teeth, and walks out with a dazzling new smile. We love helping patients restore their confidence with new teeth. Call us today and schedule a consult. Mention Summer Teeth and your consultation is free. See you soon!