Play Sports but Keep your Teeth!

I'm not sure who has been following the NBA playoffs, but I am a huge Wizards fan and I have been watching their games with increasing excitement. So imagine my astonishment a few days ago when during the Wizards game against the Boston Celtics, a white thing pops out of the Celtic's star Isaiah Thomas' mouth and bounces across the court. They roll back the tape and play it real slow. It was his front tooth!!

Spring, Summer, and Fall are the main seasons for sports and millions of young athletes will be fanning across courts, fields, and diamonds to give everything they have for their teams and their schools. It is important that as we buy the athletic gear, we also remember the bones, gums, and teeth underneath the uniform. At our office we make standard and custom athletic mouth guards for student athletes. It is a quick evaluation, we take an impression and a few days later, the mouth guard is fitted, and trimmed for maximum comfort. We make only fitted mouth guards because they fit better and offer superior protection compared to the boil and bite guards you can find in the stores.

The truth is, teeth are easy to forget when preparing for a game because there is so much more to remember.  However, your teeth can become the main focus if you knock one loose, knock one out, or crack a tooth and the surgery to repair and replace teeth is far more extensive  and WAY more expensive than you can imagine. So play fair, and play safe! And come see us at Avie Oral Surgery Group for a mouthguard. Good luck to all the regional middle, high school, and college level athletes in Maryland. And go Wizards!!