Should you add wisdom teeth to your child's College Prep Checklist?

I remember when my younger sister was in college. She started having headaches and pain in her jaws. Luckily, she had two dentists for sisters. During a holiday break, we were able to take xrays and diagnose impacted wisdom teeth as the source of her discomfort. 

I think about it now as we are in the season of college acceptances and preparing for that first year of College. When making up those checklists, the one thing that should not be neglected along with new clothes, pencils, and coffee k-cups should be a visit to the oral surgeon. 

Oral Surgeons can diagnose and treat possible issues with wisdom teeth before they become an issue. There is never a good time for your child to have discomfort and be unable to concentrate, but surely no worse time than before an important midterm or an interview for an internship? 

If you have any questions about wisdom teeth, we have prepared an ebook that you can read to give you more info. Call or email our office with any questions!